Thinking Twice About The Path of Least Resistance


Sometimes the path of least resistance in our lives isn’t the right path for us. That path can look smooth and it can even look like the natural progression to the “next stage” in life. “I should go for that career with the higher salary” or “I should probably get married and have kids soon.” All those things are wonderful and I have no objections to those dreams whatsoever. But what if sometimes that path of expectation and “normalcy” that society, culture, and family puts on us is the wrong path? We are deep and complex beings with many desires and dreams. We were created with them and created for them. Explore the desires in your heart. What makes your heart sing? What makes you thrive? What energizes you? I often find that there is an intense resistance before the birth of a great dream. The resistance only confirms that we are on the right path because there is a whole spiritual world out there afraid that we will operate in our full authority, our full identity, and our full calling.

Sometimes the Lord’s path for our lives can look rugged and illogical. But it’s in that process of walking with Him in the lowest valley where we’ll be able to reach the highest peak, shining His glory because we were able to trust in Him. Trust the process and find joy in it. Where there is winter, spring is around the corner.